Wednesday Starting Five – 3/23/16

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By Lucas Shapiro / Contributor

The first weekend had many close finishes, which further proved that this is a game of inches. In March, the little things can get you to the next round. Because of this, I decided to profile my favorite baseline out of bounds and sideline out of bounds sets from the first weekend. Every team only gets a few of these opportunities every game, so why not try to take advantage of them and score?

Kansas Jayhawks – Triple BLOB

Kansas scored on half of its baseline out of bounds sets in this game, which added up to eight points on eight opportunities. They ended up winning the game by 11 points. Having a baseline out of bounds series that is hard to guard not only makes the other coaching staff have to do work, it can be what separates your team in the postseason. UConn had scouted this play pretty well by running Devonte Graham off the line, but Graham did a great job nailing the one dribble pull-up jumper.


Wisconsin Badgers – Circle SLOB

A lot of off ball movement made this one a tough cover. It is a great end of game set because it is hard to scout. It does not necessarily always have to be the 2 that comes off. Coaches can definitely get creative with this action.


Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders – Box 23 (BLOB vs. 2-3 Zone)

This baseline out of bounds set against 2-3 zone has an array of options. The key is to make sure your players are actually screening the defenders in the zone. Middle Tennessee ran through the whole progression on the film but could have easily scored on the first two options.


Hawaii Rainbow Warriors – One BLOB

Hawaii executed this set to perfection. If it hadn’t worked out, they could have given it to Stefan Jankovic for a post up or just hit the release to run offense.


Gonzaga Bulldogs – Fake Flare SLOB

Despite the miss by Kyle Wiltjer, this is a great quick hitter set for an open three-pointer. It can also be a counter if your team chooses to have the flare screen go to the top of the key to run a set.


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