What to do on a resume or portfolio if you are at a bad program

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Over the years, I have gotten the question from coaches about how to overcome unsuccessful coaching stints or experience at programs that did not have much success on the field or court.

If you’ve been in coaching long enough, at some point you’ll be involved with a bad program or a bad coaching staff.

This is where it is important to utilize your resume and portfolio to focus on all of the positive impacts you made as a coach, both on and off the field.

You don’t have to talk about wins and losses…..instead, talk about improvements made by your position group or individual players, all-conference selections, team GPA, kids that went on to play at the college level. Was there a first time achievement, such as first player to make all-city first team, or the first time beating a particular opponent in a long time?

Academic progress is an important component of any athletic program. It’s also an area that hiring directors will want to see on your resume. There are a variety of ways to help your athletes succeed in the classroom while also helping them achieve their goals upon graduating. Create a plan, document it, and modify and adapt it as you go.

You can also focus on community involvement aspects of the program. For example, community service activities, fundraising events, or clinics for the young athletes and feeder programs in your area.

Another area to highlight are professional development opportunities that you engaged in…..camps, clinics, professional organizations, and continuing education opportunities. Try to get involved in as many activities with your national or state coaches association as possible.

Were you a member of a committee or did you help coach an all-star game, or help select all-conference teams?

If you haven’t been involved in those kinds of opportunities, you need to start doing it, and documenting it in your resume.

Sometimes, you really have to sit down and think about all of the ways that you have made a positive impact on your program and your athletes, even if you didn’t have a winning outcome at the end of the season. Take the focus off the bad and instead focus on the good!

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Written By: Bill Vasko – CEO, XO Coach

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