Workflow Automation in the Budget Conscious World

After huge success this year, Just Play is now offering a streamlined workflow solution for D2 / D3 / NAIA teams.

Imagine this: It’s the middle of the season, you’re tired, stressed and you find yourself frustrated because:

  • You are operating in two, three or maybe even four different software systems to prepare for your upcoming opponent
  • Manually entering every stat and every player for every scouting report
  • Scowering across the internet looking for advanced statistics

Our friends at Just Play are the fastest growing technology company in college basketball right now, gaining major market share. Before you say you can’t afford it, there is good news for budget-conscious schools – Just Play has developed a package specifically for you to save you time and give your program a competitive advantage. And some of your competition already has.

With Just Play, you can utilize a full coaches’ toolkit to draw plays, automate scouting reports, quiz and message players and even create presentations by integrating any video editing company, such as Synergy.

Save hours of time from hand-entering stats with Just Play’s newest service that completely automates player personnel stats and more with just the click of a button.

This includes:

  • Player photos, roster information, number, first name, last name, height, position and year in school
  • Stats from overall and the last 5 games
  • Team stats and more!

All of this can be instantly sent to your players’ mobile devices, so no matter where they are they can prepare for your next game. (Yes, you can still print for you old school coaches out there).

Teams have reported players learning to happen 2x-3x faster by using Just Play. You will gain a tremendous competitive advantage in teaching players and preparing more efficiently.

Visit Just Play’s website at and fill out their contact form for more information.

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