3/14/16 – Tuesday Starting Five (Conference Championship Edition)


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By Lucas Shapiro / HoopDirt.com Contributor

This week’s Starting Five features plays from the Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, SEC, and ACC championship games.

Kentucky Wildcats – Iverson Lob

I liked how Kentucky started off this game wanting to set the tone with a lob play. It’s a simple set that you can use if you have a very athletic wing like Jamal Murray.


Get Kentucky Wildcats – Iverson Lob HERE

Oregon Ducks – Slot Twist

This is a set that features a lot of movement and but also requires your players to make a read on the re-screen action. Oregon’s Dwayne Benjamin did a great job sliding the pass to the roll man on the re-screen, but he could have also attacked the basket if he wanted to.


Get Oregon Ducks – Slot Twist HERE

Purdue Boilermakers – Handoff Slip

Purdue ran this quick hitter out of the timeout against Michigan State to get an easy dunk. With so many offenses based around sideline pick and rolls, this set keeps the defense honest by tossing in the occasional slip.


Get Purdue Boilermakers – Handoff Slip HERE

Virginia Cavaliers – Floppy Turnout

If your team runs floppy regularly, this is a good counter action. This set is eerily similar to one we saw them run against Duke a few weeks ago.


Get Virginia Cavaliers – Floppy Turnout HERE

West Virginia Mountaineers – Elbow Ram Option

This set gave West Virginia a great look for a three-pointer coming out of the timeout. There was also the option for the shooting guard to get a layup if the defense left him open.


West Virginia Mountaineers – Elbow Ram Option HERE

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