Basketball Coaching Gifts

Basketball Coaching Gifts

Basketball Coaching Gifts: Finding the Perfect Gift

Whether you are looking for the basketball coach in your life or are just looking for something for yourself, this list of basketball coaching gifts is going to have you covered. With personalized basketball gifts to gifts that are going to help coaches improve at their craft to everything in between, this list of basketball coaching gifts is going to have everything that you need.


List of Basketball Coaching Gifts:



Coaching Books

Coaching Books (link)

Great coaches love to learn. They are always increasing their knowledge of the game. With so many great coaching books out there though, we wanted to dedicate an entire list to great coaching books. So if you know someone that loves to read, make sure that you checkout our list of must read coaching books. You are sure to find a couple of books that are going to catch your eye and make great gifts for the coach in your life.





Premium Dry Erase Clipboard


Premium Dry Erase Clipboard (link)

Every coach needs a dry erase board to draw up their game winning plays. This premium dry erase clipboard is going to allow a coach to keep track of everything that they need to and is a step above the rest. With a double side, multiple pens, a notes section, and more, this is the go to dry erase clipboard.





Mini Hoop for Office


Mini Hoop for Office (link)

You are never too old to enjoy a mini hoop. Along with looking great in an office, this mini hoop is a great stress reliever that will provide much needed breaks of fun a few minutes at a time. Unlike some mini hoops that fall apart shortly after purchasing, the SKLZ mini hoop includes a shatter resistant backboard and will stand the test of time. So for a little office fun, get the basketball coach in your life a mini basketball hoop.





Nike Polo Coaching Shirt


Nike Polo Coaching Shirt (link)

There are a lot of great polo coaching shirts out there, but one of our favorites is Nike. Not only will the coach in your life be able to look good while coaching or going throughout the day, they will also be able to be comfortable. With a variety of different colors you can get the color that matches their team or is a favorite color. Also, for an added touch, try getting the shirt screen printed with their team’s logo.





Nike Dri Fit Shirt


Nike Dri Fit Shirt (link)

You really can’t have enough dri-fit shirts. Whether it is for practice, working out, or just everyday life, dri fit shirts can quickly become a coaches best friend. These Nike dri fit shirts come in a variety of different colors and sizes, so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for. And, just like the Polo shirts, you could have one of these dri fit shirts screen printed with a coaches team logo.




Mini Signature Basketball


Mini Signature Basketball (link)

Want to provide an encouraging note but are looking to get away from the traditional Hallmark card? Try out a mini signature basketball. With the majority of the ball being a blank white writing surface, you have all the space you need to write out your note. If you are throwing a party for a basketball coach, this may be the perfect way for everyone at the party to express their love and friendship through a quick note on the basketball.




Framed Jersey Display Case


Framed Jersey Display Case (link)

Nothing sets off a coaches office or man cave like a framed jersey display case. Whether it is the coaches current team jersey or a team that they were a part of in the past, the display case is going to be the focal point of the room. For a basketball coaches gift that is sure to impress and be valued for years to come, a framed jersey in a display case is a great option.





Personalized Water Bottle


Personalized Water Bottle (link)

Whether it is at practice or on the go throughout the day, a personalized water bottle that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours is going to be a lifesaver. So for a gift that is not only looks great but is also practical, checkout one of these personalized water bottles.





Athletic Watch


Athletic Watch (link)

Perfect for both throughout the day use and for monitoring drills in practice, a quality athletic watch is a necessity for any basketball coach. There are a lot of great choices out there when it comes to athletic watches, but one of our favorites is this Armitron. It comes with all the functions a coach will need, looks stylish, and will stand the test of time (pun intended).







Stopwatch (link)

If athletic wrist watches aren’t a favorite thing for the basketball coach in your life, maybe they would better like a hanging stopwatch. This will allow them to be able to time different parts of practice without having to wear an athletic watch or use a standard wristwatch to try and time things.






Whistle (link)

All whistles are not created equal. Also, coaches may or may not sometimes have a difficult time keeping track of whistles. So whether you are looking to gift a better whistle or need to replace a whistle or two, these whistles will be sure to get the job done and will also make a great coaching gift.




Basketball Display Case


Basketball Display Case (link)

One of the best ways to commemorate a season or an achievement is an autographed basketball. So if a coach has been coaching long enough, there is a good chance that they will have an autographed basketball or two. The basketball display case will allow the coach in your life to proudly display their achievements and also help to preserve the basketball and signatures on it. Try pairing this gift with the signature basketball listed above.



Basketball Coaching Gifts Conclusion

Whether the basketball coach in your life is easy to buy gifts for or a little bit more difficult, we believe that we have compiled some great basketball coaching gifts in this list. However, if you have any other recommendations for great basketball coaching gifts, we would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!