Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Baseline Shooting Skill Builder Workout

Our very own Coach Jefferson Mason is back at it with another great Skill Builder workout in the Dish Lab!

In this workout, Coach Mason works on conditioning shooting by going baseline to baseline and shooting off the move. In between the shooting drills, he combines two-ball ball handling drills and then finishes with free throws while tired.

The Skill Builder program is the ONLY way to stack multiple drills (including non-shooting) into a complete workout that seamlessly transitions from drill to drill with a single push of a button. Along with that, Skill Builder allows you to pass in a custom order location (not in a sprinkler pattern). No other shooting machine in the world is designed with these capabilities!

Check out the full workout below!

Again, this is a great workout to work on shooting off the move and conditioning and also mixes in ball handling as well. This is perfect especially to work on during the off-season and track your progress as you go along!

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