Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Side Step Jumper Using the Pull-Back

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it with another great Drill of the Week! In this basketball drill we’ll focus on our pull-back move into the side step jumper. This drill is great for players that love to attack the hoop because we are working on selling the hard attack to the hoop and if you are a player that naturally does this, the second progression of the pull-back will work perfectly.

This basketball drill flows perfectly using the Dr. Dish All-Star. The All-Star is the only shooting machine in the world designed with a patented swivel net system to train post play and make game-location passing. For this drill we moved the Dish away from the hoop to the top of the key. We made sure to program our locations and we also set a timed goal and tempo as well. The Dish will make an accurate pass each time and using the tempo the Dish will keep you accountable with your speed and timing. When swiveled, the net system allows for the Dish to easily receive passes back from the player which makes this type of training possible.

Check out the video below and see how Dr. Dish shooting machines can help take your game to the next level!

The first part of this drill focuses on getting out to the wing to receive the pass. Try to switch up using V-cuts or L-cuts and sometimes even just catching on the wing. It’s important to get comfortable in every situation that you may see come game time.

After receiving the pass the offensive player will attack the hoop using the outside hand. If the player doesn’t attack hard , then a good defender won’t be set up and this move will be less effective. After attacking, hard plant the front foot and pull-back the basketball in front or preferably between the legs. This will help you stop on a drop of a dime while the defender is still sliding. Oftentimes after this part of the move the player can shoot the ball. But if you are being defended by a long and athletic player you will need to use the side step to create a bit more space. This is a split decision but having the ability to do it gives you a better chance to score on any defender that you may face!

We also switched up attacking the hoop within this drill. There are so many different finishes you can work on so be sure to challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Each player has different skill sets and also different athletic abilities which will help determine strengths and weaknesses when finishing. Getting easy lay-ups will help with confidence in games and also allow you to set up your defender for the shot in a multitude of ways. Remember to focus on the fundamentals every time you step on the court and continue to develop good habits.

For more great skills and drills be sure to visit our YouTube page and like I always say…Train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!