At Dr. Dish Basketball we are fortunate to continue working with some of the top coaches and trainers in the game. Recently, we had Coach Reid Ouse of Catalyst Training join us in the Dish Lab to show some of his favorite basketball drills.

Coach Ouse has a tremendous background within basketball coaching and training and now resides in Minnesota and trains multiple pros year-round. Learn more about Reid and Catalyst Training here.

In this video, Coach Ouse demonstates a great “Stop Separation Series” where he shows how to create space when attacking downhill depending on how the defense is playing.

Check it out below!

Move 1: Inside Outside Speed Stop

Each one of these moves is dictated by how the defender is playing. If the defender crosses their feet to recover, that’s a great time to “speed stop” and get into your jump shot. The defender will be retreating and won’t have a chance to properly contest the jump shot.

Move 2: Punch Drag

Again, reading the defender, if they cross their foot at the same time the ball handler’s outside foot plants, it’s a great opportunity to use the “punch drag” which is the same foot, same hand stop. This will put the defender in a very difficult spot to recover and create space for an open shot.

Move 3: Inverted Drag

The last move is the inverted drag which can be utilized if the defender is especially jumpy and crosses their feet early. The between the legs pull-back move can be amplified even more with a step-back to create a large amount of space to knock down the jumper.