Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Wide Pin Down Series 1 and 2

Recently, we were very fortunate to have Jordan Delp of our partners at Pure Sweat Basketball join us in the Dish Lab to demonstrate a ton of game-like and purposeful drills using the Dr. Dish All-Star.

In this 2 part series, Jordan went through the wide pin down action that is commonly used at all levels. This can also be classified as the “down screen” action where the offensive player starts near the corner and comes off of a screen to receive the ball near the wing area.

This is a great way to use the Dr. Dish All-Star away from the basket as it delivers a game-like pass.

Check out Part 1 below that combines:

1. Catch and shoot

2. One drill nail pull up

3. Floater

4. Same foot pull up

In Part 2, Jordan goes through the same exact action but adds a few more different wrinkles that primarily involve the shot fake:

1. Shot Fake Shot

2. Shot Fake Rip Through

3. Shot Fake Rip Through Step Back

4. Jordan Pivot

Remember to do the same action on the other side of the floor as well. We want to thank Jordan for joining us and look forward to releasing many more drills coming!

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