Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: 100 Shot Challenge

This is a great challenge that focuses on multiple different types of shots from our partner Ryan Razooky.

While it will be most efficient to execute with Dr. Dish shooting machines, it definitely isn’t required and can be executed at home. Just a hoop and a ball is necessary.

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Here’s the full breakdown of the shooting challenge:

  • 10 pull ups R
  • 10 pull ups L
  • 10 step backs R
  • 10 steps backs L
  • 10 Behind the back speed stops R
  • 10 Behind the back speed stops L
  • 10 Hesi Pulls R
  • 10 Hesi Pulls L
  • 20 Spot Up 3s

This is a great workout to mix up different shots in a structured setting. You can do these all at one spot or mix it up depending on your setup! Shoot the shots off the dribble from a distance you’re comfortable shooting at.

Try it out, tag a friend to challenge, and let us know your score.

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