Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: UNLV Sideline to Sideline Shooting

This is a great shooting workout from Head Coach TJ Otzelberger of UNLV Basketball on the Dr. Dish CT shooting machine. It specifically focuses on shooting off the move, working on conditioning, and shooting while fatigued. While we pride ourselves on providing endless reps at Dr. Dish Basketball, we always also want to promote QUALITY and game-like reps as well. One of our favorite quotes is from former NBA great Jeff Hornacek: “Shooting 100 game speed shots is more valuable than 500 lazy shots. Lazy shooting is a waste of time.” We believe this quote especially rings true with this workout. Going game speed is essential and simulating game fatigue is also imperative. We hear a lot from players saying they are great shooters in practice but struggle to make shots in games. Oftentimes this is because they are training at a very comfortable pace. In games, it’s much more chaotic and they have to be able to shoot while tired.

This drill combines 2 point, 3 point, and off the dribble shots to rep out multiple types of game-like shots. You can find this workout in the Dr. Dish app and directly on the Dr. Dish CT touchscreen. Give it a try and challenge yourself!

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