Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Zig Zag Shooting Workout

It was great having our friend and partner, Pat the Roc, in the Dish Lab recently to create unique and innovative workouts around improving shooting and ball handling on our NEW Dr. Dish CT machine!

In this workout, Pat focuses on creating separation off the dribble using the zig zag move.

Check out the full breakdown of this workout below!

As you can see in the video, there are 3 total drills in this workout.

In the first drill, Pat focuses on the zig-zag dribble. The total makes goal is 30 from 3 different spots (wing, top of the key, opposite wing). After 5 makes at each spot, switch hands and repeat for 5 more makes.

After hitting 30 shots in the first initial workout, the Dish will transition seamlessly into a ball handling drill. The beauty of the Dr. Dish CT touchscreen is that the video of Pat instructing will play and you can literally train alongside him.

In this ball handling drill, we focus on continuous crossovers. As Pat mentions in the video, it’s important to stay low and wide with the crossover.

Last, like we commonly do, we’ll finish with free throws while we’re tired. Focus on each rep and hold your follow through.

This is a fairly basic workout, but you can always do it again from 3 point range to continue pushing yourself and your range.