Dr. Dish Workout Library Get’s a NEW Look!

Check out what’s new in the Dr. Dish Training Management Workout Library. 

The Dr. Dish development team buckled down to review the suggestions of our customers to upgrade the Training Management System workout library and Skill Builder™ interface to make it more user-friendly.  

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The Dr. Dish Training Management System is the powerful brains behind the exclusive Dr. Dish App, together they communicate with the machine. Allowing coaches, players and parents to track stats over time, build custom workouts with Skill Builder™, and push our 100 + pre-built workouts right to the Dish … without doing any button pushing on the machine.

Pretty cool, right?

If you’re already accustomed to TMS, here’s what you can expect:

Get to the Workouts Quicker. 

The new interface showcases workout “cards”, the added visuals make it easier to navigate right to the workout you are after! There will also be special highlighted workouts to try out. 

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Search and Browse Easier. 

A complete & ever-growing training library calls for easier organization for our users. We have now added more filter options to the library to allow you to land on the workout that is the best fit for your goals.

UTILIZE On-Demand Training Videos

Many of the Dr. Dish Workouts and ALL of our pro-trainer workouts are accompanied by an on-court demo breaking down the drill for the player. The new library allows for easier video viewing. Saving any confusion that may arise when a workout is assigned. 

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Make it Yours. 

Through the use of Skill Builder™ you can build custom workouts for your players or teams. A tool as robust as this allows coaches to make Dr. Dish workouts specifically designed around their offense or skill set they want to focus on, talk about customization!

If you are already an owner or user of a Dr. Dish Pro or All-Star and want access, give us a call at 952-873-2633 and we will get you set up! Otherwise, Request a TMS Demo.

If you already have TMS access, log in HERE and check it out!

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