Drill of the Week

In this Dr. Dish Drill of the week, Coach Tony Miller demonstrates a great team basketball shooting drill to challenge and encourage competition called Level Up Shooting. Check out the full breakdown below! 

Level Up Shooting

It can sometimes be a challenge to keep shooting drills competitive during workouts with a single player. Something I’ve found to work is to give them a “challenge” they have to complete before moving on to the “next” thing.

In this Level Up shooting drill, players must make 3 shots in a row before “leveling up” to the next set of 3 shots.

Level Up Shooting

  • The drill will begin in the corner, on the spot closest to the basket. The player must make a floater before moving to the next level (mid-range jump shot).
  • On a make, the player moves up to the next level (3PA).
  • On a miss, the player will move down a level.
  • Add another element of competition to better players by timing how quickly they can complete all 15 shots.