Drill of the Week

In this Dr. Dish Drill of the week, Coach Tony Miller breaks down a great shooting challenge drill to increase competition while getting up a lot of shots called spot shooting. Check out the full breakdown below!

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This is a another player-favorite shooting drill. Especially for single-player workouts, I’m always looking for ways to include competitiveness. In this drill, players are competing against the clock to make a set number of shots in the least amount of time.

Spot Shooting

  • The player will shoot from 5 spots on the floor, starting in the corner, while the coach serves as passer from the free throw line.
  • Once the stopwatch starts, the player must make two shots from each spot before moving on to the next location.
  • After completing all 5 spots, the player moves back to the top of the key and must make 5 shots.
  • On the final make, the clock stops.
  • Adjust the difficulty of the drill however you’d like (e.g., we’ve made players make two in-a-row before moving on to the next spot) based on the skill level of the player.