Eastern New Mexico adds Andre Shaw to Men’s Basketball Staff

Photo Courtesy ENMU Athletics

Head Coach Tres Segler announced today that he will be adding Assistant Coach Andre Shaw, to his staff beginning immediately. Shaw is a New York native who comes to the Greyhounds by way of his position as a second assistant coach from the highly successful coaching staff at Midwestern State. Nelson Haggerty, one of the top NCAA Division II head coaches in the nation, had Shaw on his staff dating back to the 2013-14 season. Segler and Shaw worked together during those years at MSU under Haggerty, and the two created a strong friendship and working relationship.

“Coach Haggerty always taught Andre and I to be willing to outwork the competition,” said Segler. He believed that there is no substitution for genuine hard work. Andre has been around winning his entire coaching career, and from day one, he was no stranger to putting in the time it takes to win. He is one of those guys who just understands what it takes to be at a championship level day in and day out. Even from the beginning of his time at Midwestern with Coach Haggerty and I, it was clear that Andre would be a special talent in this game” Segler added.

Haggerty and Segler combined for multiple Lone Star Conference titles, and Shaw was a part of several of those championship runs. Shaw is best known for his recruiting abilities as well as his prowess to connect with student athletes on a personal level. This is a crucial skill to have in the modern era of collegiate recruiting, and Segler is excited for Shaw to bring those tools to his program in Portales. Shaw is known in the coaching world as a prime recruiter as well as a dynamic individual skill instructor. Segler will lean on Shaw for these skills as well as scouting LSC opponents through the season.

Segler noted, “Andre is an effortless connector with people, and in our current system of social media and internet-based recruiting, the personal connectors end up being the ones that separate themselves. These recruits nowadays understand that anyone can click on their highlight or stream one of their games, but it takes old school hard work to eventually build the trust necessary to landing a bigtime player. I am confident that Andre will be able to greatly impact our program in this way.”

Andre started his coaching career under former University of Pittsburgh great Jerry McCullough at The MacDuffie School in Granby, Mass., while completing his undergraduate degree in communications. Shaw enjoyed a stellar collegiate playing career at Western New England University scoring 1,143 points in three seasons at the NCAA Division III institution averaging 17.0 points per game. The Harlem native graduated from the Vermont Academy in 2008 before playing one season at Essex County in Newark, N.J. Shaw is the son of former Midwestern standout LeRoy Shaw, who netted 1,759 points for Midwestern State (Indians) from 1972-76.

The Greyhounds committed to a process of rebuilding when Segler was hired two seasons ago, and it looks like the addition of Andre Shaw is a huge resource to enhance those improvements. The last time Segler and Shaw were on a staff together was 2015-16 where the Mustangs were ranked as high as first in the NCAA, first in the South Central Region, as well as claiming the outright Lone Star Conference Championship.

Segler added, “I truly loved my time with Coach Haggerty at Midwestern. Back in those days, Andre was learning exactly how he was going to impact the coaching world once he got his shot. What was clear to me when I was considering him as my top assistant was that he was more than ready to take on a huge role in our program. I am very blessed to be able to give him that opportunity, and I know that he is going to hit the ground running here at ENMU.”

Shaw brings Nicole Diaz and his newborn son Nixon Alexander Shaw to Portales with him as he adds to the Greyhound coaching staff. A family man, Shaw is extremely close to his extended family back home in New York as well as Dallas. Segler noted, “Part of what makes Andre special are the people around him that love him and help make him what he is. It is going to be awesome to watch him as he learns how to be a new father through his time here at ENMU.”

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