HOT: Salary Increase in Place for Leon Rice at Boise State has obtained the agenda for the Idaho State Board of Education meeting scheduled for October 22nd.  On the schedule is a proposed pay increase for Boise State head coach Leon Rice.  Some of the highlights of the increase are as follows:
  • An increase in annual salary by $10,530 for year 1, and a set dollar raise of $25,000 annually (instead of the current 3% annual raise) in each of the subsequent four years.
  •  If the coach schedules a revenue-generating away game with a non-conference opponent, the University will retain only the first $40,000 (plus expenses) instead of the first $50,000.
  • If the coach schedules a home game against an opponent in the ResourceFive conferences, he will be paid a $10,000 bonus. If he schedules a home game against an opponent who has an RPI in the top 125 (based on three year average), he will be paid a $7,500 bonus. However, if an opponent is in a Resource Five conference and also has an RPI in the top 125, Coach will only be paid the $10,000 bonus, not the additional $7,500 bonus.

    There is also a one-time signing bonus in the amount of $45,000.

    Year one maximum potential annual compensation (base salary and supplemental compensation not including incentives for Away Game Guarantee and Home Game Scheduling, or summer camps) would be $758,000.

    Liquidated damages for the coach terminating the contract early for his own convenience increase by $10,000 annually.

A PDF of the full updated contract can be found here:

More on this after the Board finalizes it tomorrow.


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