Introducing Dr. Dish CT: 5 Questions & Answers

In case you haven’t heard yet, on January 2nd we unveiled our newest innovation and a brand new training machine: The Dr. Dish CT.

We’re thrilled about the capabilities and versatility of the machine and know that the CT will further revolutionize basketball training. Already coaches and trainers are calling it “The Peloton of Basketball.”

When our friends at Coach and Athletic Director and Winning Hoops publications heard about the CT, they immediately wanted to know more and let their audience know about the new Dr. Dish in their upcoming 2019 Tech Guide. 

Below is the Q&A session that is now featured in the Tech Guide. Read below and learn more about the exciting features and benefits of the NEW Dr. Dish CT! Truly calling Dr. Dish just another basketball shooting machine doesn’t do us justice.

1.    Describe how your product helps coaches, ADs, or other sports industry professionals.

The all NEW Dr. Dish CT literally brings professional training to your gym, 24/7. With the integrated 15.6” touchscreen on the Dr. Dish machine, coaches can choose from over 100 team and individual workouts from many of the top basketball trainers (DJ Sackmann, Jordan Lawley, Joe Abunassar etc.) in the world to incorporate into practice and training sessions. Beyond that, their expert breakdowns and videos are available directly on the Dr. Dish screen for players to train right alongside the pros.

2.    What specific problems/challenges does your product solve.

By having access to expert trainer workouts in your gym on-demand, the Dr. Dish CT solves so many of the skill development challenges that coaches face year-round. In addition, the CT provides genuine excitement for players to want to get in the gym more than ever.

We commonly hear from coaches that developing talent and skill development during the season and especially in the off-season has always been a problem and challenge. Specifically, replicating game-like scenarios within practices and training sessions is challenging in a high repetition setting. When coaches aren’t present, there’s no assurance that players are working on the right things. Until now.

With the Dr. Dish CT, the skill development and training we provide is set to replicate in-game training, which really separates us from anything else in the industry.  It’s a whole different game when kids and schools can actually “practice like they play” while receiving in-depth breakdowns. The accountability piece is also incredibly powerful. With the ability to easily upload detailed stats and analytics, coaches now know exactly who is working on what AND how they’re performing and progressing all year-round.

3.       What sets you apart from similar products or competitors?

This can be summed up in one word: Innovation.

With the Dr. Dish CT, we’re taking interactive, on-demand training like P90X and Peloton and bringing it to the game of basketball which has never been done before. As technology continues to evolve, we are committed to also continuing to evolve and improve our products and solutions. Between making our machines more user-friendly, tech savvy, and versatile than anything else on the market, we feel we are accomplishing just that.

We’ve been fortunate to work with top NCAA teams (Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Texas A&M), NBA Teams (Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers), top-notch trainers (Drew Hanlen, DJ Sackmann, Jordan Lawley), and even NBA players (Mike Conley Jr., Zach Lavine, Langston Galloway) who have all upgraded to Dr. Dish machines within the last 2 years.

The craziest thing about the industry is how far we’ve come in giving coaches, players, and trainers so much more than just a shooting machine. It’s incredible what you can do with the Dr. Dish CT that you can’t do anywhere else in the world, with any other machine.

4.       Talk about the unique ways coaches use Dr. Dish in practices to teach more than just shooting.

With the Dr. Dish CT interactive touchscreen and expert trainers on-demand, the opportunities are endless and extend much further than simple shooting drills. Again, we’ve always been committed to building complete players rather than just better shooters. Within our Training Management System we have over 100+ pre-made workouts that are each designed with multiple drills included. These drills can include shooting, ball handling, conditioning, agility, strength training, etc.

To be honest, we’ve received hundreds of videos from High School and college coaches showcasing the Dr. Dish in use in a variety of ways even we didn’t think of (follow us @drdishbball to see what we’re talking about). That’s the coolest part of the machine and our customer base. Now with the CT, the opportunities and possibilities are literally endless in how you can use the machine. Coaches can use the Dr. Dish to work on defensive closeout drills, or their full-court transition game. Shooting machines were never thought of like that for more than 20 years. We are changing the game, and this is just the beginning.

5.       How have coaches used data collected by Dr. Dish to create better game plans or player improvement strategies?

The workout data collected and gathered by the Dr. Dish CT is captured in the Training Management System and provides each coach with a competitive advantage. In addition to tracking total shots and improvement metrics, the dashboard also shows a heat map that can be sorted by player or an entire team/group of players. Using this data, we’ve heard feedback from coaches that design plays for their best players to receive the ball in their “hot spots” during games. Also, we’ve heard from coaches that see on their heat map that players or a specific player is struggling from an area on the court (ex: left baseline 3 pointer). From there they can design workouts that focus on improving that specific area or action while keeping players accountable at the same time.

Simply put, the Dr. Dish CT builds skills faster.

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