Just Play: Film Sessions

Watching film is important. It can humble or give a shot of confidence.  It can convict or acquit, teach or display. You need film for scouting purposes, for self-scouting, and to develop your players. You’d never debate the opposite because this isn’t a controversial statement. As a coach trying to win games, film is a tool you use.

You want your players to watch film as much as possible, but there isn’t enough time in the day to bring every single player into your office. If you want them to see it, you’ve got to find another way.

Here’s the reality: Your players watch videos every day. They’re watching their friends’ lives in bite-sized clips on Instagram, checking out highlights on Twitter, and getting into who-knows-what on YouTube. They’re accustomed to pulling out their phones and watching videos constantly, but how often are you giving them film this way?

If you’re not doing it often, you’re missing out on an opportunity to teach. That’s why we built Just Play with the ability to attach video wherever you want—in scouts, next to plays, in quizzes. More importantly, you can send film that’s attached to nothing and send it to exactly who you want to watch. If you want a specific player to see specific clips, you can do that. And if you want your bigs to be able to watch their own workout, you can do that, too.

We’re the only scouting platform on the market that can say that, but let’s go a step further: We just made this whole process easier in a game-changing way.  

That’s because our system can now take in massive SportsCode and Synergy edits with every tag and everything you’ve coded. And pushing it to your players?  That’s as easy as a couple clicks.  

We’ve streamlined the whole film distribution process because we know how important it is. We know the way you break down film and the way you push it out have to be in sync. We know film is a tool you want to use all the time, so we created the tools to make that possible.

Just Play Sports Solutions provides basketball staffs with a complete coaching solution – all in one application. From building playbooks, scouting opponents, teaching players and coordinating recruiting schedules, you will prepare faster and engage better with today’s athletes using Just Play.

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