OFFICIAL: Dr. Dish named fastest growing Basketball Shooting Machine

Dr. Dish Basketball announced the unveiling of their new series of shooting machines with mobile app and away from the basket capabilities, which will enable coaches and players to instantly upload and analyze their shooting reps and work both the inside and outside game. This is the first of its kind for the basketball shooting machine industry.

The Dr. Dish app syncs with the new Dr. Dish Smart Series, and allows for players to instantly share detailed workout results with their coach. The data collected is saved to the Dr. Dish database, which enables coaches to analyze a player’s shooting strengths and weaknesses. All of this comes standard with the new Dr. Dish Smart Series.

The new Dr. Dish app was created after a team of engineers at Airborne Athletics asked coaches from all over the world what they wanted the most in a shooting machine. “We found that coaches wanted a versatile system that not only could track a specific player’s shots during practice, but how we could make it easier for a coach to analyze that data,” stated Doug Campbell, the founder and CEO of Dr. Dish Basketball. Campbell furthered explained that, “It all boiled down to coaches wanting a system that was easy to use, held kids accountable during practice and could give them insight on how to win more games.”

Dr. Dish can not only track your reps, it can work the inside game as well. With a patented net system, the Dr. Dish can be moved away from the basket to deliver entry passes and passes to work on finishing. “We speak to 1000’s of coaches each year and they are all frustrated with the lack of game-like passes their players were getting during practice.” Doug said. “A basketball shooting machine is a large investment for most programs, getting the most versatility for this investment is a must.”

The Dr. Dish Smart Series was created by Airborne Athletics in Minnesota. The company is dedicated to creating products that enables coaches and athletes to dominate the competition and win more games. You can learn more about the company at

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