Search firm updates…

With a bunch of DI searches underway, here’s a quick update on some of the search firms that I’ve heard, as well as some updates from schools not not using them.

Cal Poly – Collegiate Sports Solutions (Jeff Schemmel) – search update HERE.

Fairfield – Ventura Partners (Katy Young Staudt)

Mercer – Fogler Consulting

Southern Illinois – No search firm – AD Jerry Kill running the search

Niagara – No search firm – AD Simon Gray running the search

Kennesaw State – No search firm – Senior Associate AD Travis Glasgow running the search

Stetson – Sounds like AD Jeff Altier is running this one – Top 4 candidates HERE.

Tennessee Tech – Sounds like they are not using a search firm – waiting to confirm.

I’ll keep this list updated and add more as I hear it.

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